Spreading My Wings



Hello! And welcome to chrysalisfanfiction. Well, this should be … fun! Firstly, as you may have noticed, I have a thing for butterflies, hence the name of the site, logo and the above gifs.  Secondly, I’m not up to speed on these blogs/sites so forgive me if it takes a while to expand my wings and make this baby fly. It is predominantly a blog for my writing creations but if I manage to get the hang of this, well, who knows how it will develop.

Now, here is some guff about my “scribblings” as I call them and how it all came about. I have filled jotters, notepads and diaries since I was a bairn. Originally, I created general fantasy stories purely as a hobby, like my painting & drawing (and therapy of sorts!).

Following encouragement (actually, I think it was meant as a joke, the more I think about it) from my daughters, both keen writers themselves, I thought I would try posting my stories online on a writer’s site. But what fandom, I wondered. They suggested I should I try World of Warcraft; with my being an avid player of the game and all, for nigh on ten years. So I did, and OH MY! Has it been really fun to do!

I’m a soppy girl at heart so I admit my stories are romance/passion driven. I enjoy trying to reach my readers emotionally and hope I can make them smile and laugh as well as gasp or cry as they journey with my characters. Currently the stories I have on offer are with my O/C’s interacting with recognised NPC’s from Warcraft.

At the moment they are proving to be a practice run, I guess. I needed to practice developing convincing characters and so in building them and creating fantasy landscapes/universes, I would eventually branch out with my original fantasy story (currently titled “Rise of the Meadowers”).  This I have had on the back burner for a few years and would dearly love to bring to the masses. And no it will not be based on the Warcraft universe, but instead a world of my own design.

I enjoy the whole fantasy genre with magic, warriors, knights, mythical beasties … and smouldering hot, long-haired heroes and villians (sigh!). I’m such a girl, I know!

faint 2


Anything from GoT, LoTR and all associated works, to stories by Stephen Donaldson, Raymond E Feist and even CR Lewis are but a few of my influences.

The site on which I started writing was Wattpad (under the pseudonym NightElflady) and I continue to use that as my “base” where I can also incorporate casts (I have literally spent hours looking at gorgeous celebrities to fit my characters … it’s hard work you know! snicker), artwork and soundtracks for the stories I write.

My works began with a series, again Warcraft based, affectionately known as The Sarah & Khadgar Chronicles. There are 3 of those:

“The Legion’s Catalyst” Book 1

“The Dark Times Will Pass” Book 2

“Azeroth Unfolding” Book 3

“Rogue Firefury”, “The Raven’s Tale” (nearing completion) and “Sauren – The Twisted Blade” (work in progress) are all off-shoots, so-to-speak of the chronicles.

All are currently available to read on Wattpad should you wish to have a sneaky peek.


I’m still doing happy dances at the fact I have won awards for some of the stories.  They have been given me a substantial boost when I had considered throwing in the towel on many an occasion. Granted, I have GAWD! SOooo much to learn still, but I think I am on my way.

Legion, Dark Times and Rogue have all won multiple awards on Wattpad.  And, away from the Warcraft theme, a short paranormal story of mine “The Woman Annelida” has also won an award.


So, to wrap up this part of my site, I hope you enjoy my offerings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making time to read this bio and, if you’re still awake, you might (hopefully) enjoy my stories. And if I have done all this blog thing wrong, well slap my butt – I guess it is yet another school day for me.

Details of my stories and where to find them are on another post ( I have re-configured this front page – (because I made a complete mess of it basically in editing – told you I didn’t know anything about these things) LOL!